Saturday, May 9, 2009

Whisky Walloping

My dear friend, Bevearneo, has done what no other has managed - turned me into a Whisky drinker. Previously I found the stuff vile and off-putting. Luckily, Bevearneo's passion for Single Malts of the Isle of Islay has lead to me seeing the error of my ways. I know now that Whisky is a treasure to be savoured.
In these blog posts, I will introduce Whiskey's that we have purchased and tasted. The four or five of us who I suspect will be invovled with th etasting are normal plebs with no claim to connoisseur status, but with different tastes, hence there may be some interest in comparing notes.
The hardy crew of reprobates I shall assemble include myself [David], Bevearneo, Ricardo, Vike and possibly Deeknow and a splendid chap I haven't met in person but who I know shares an interest in the malty treats. [I'll confirm his interest and prefered nickname before going any further.]
Feel free to join us in leaving comments/opinions on whiskys being discussed.


  1. Yay, a whisky blog. I look forward to reading, contributing to and drinking to this splendid thing. Tonights tipple is a nice Dalwhinnie. Not quite the peaty drop I usually head for, but nice honey tones make this a quite a refreshing drop.

  2. Great to have you aboard, Craig. I best go celebrate my first comment with a tipple ;-)

  3. I [unfortunatly] shall not get to taste whisky for a number of years yet, but I guess that is just as well, I'm a mean drunk [just kidding I've never actually been drunk].
    Laugh On Line [LOL].

  4. I wont be able to taste the delicious mouth watering taste of whisky Im just drooling thinking about it =-]~~
    I'll probably not taste Whisky for ages though so might as well not drool about it.
    P.S. im not actually drooling

  5. You naughty boys - get off this blog and don't think about alcohol - it is bad for young people and not good for old people if they don't use it sensibly.
    Keep to the school blogs please :-)