Friday, May 15, 2009

oddly enough, Strathisla...

Strangely the first wallop is of the Strathisla 12 yr old from the Strathisla Distillery that brings us the blended Chivas Regal range.
This is actually quite appropriate because apart from growing up around the odd Johnnie Walker Red Label [ooer ;-) ], Chivas Regal was the flashest of drops to grace our home [Yes, really].
My dad was a lover of a wee tipple [ahem], but not so much into whisky as I recall. One day, however, he came home with a super humongous bottle of Chivas [won in a raffle at the blessed C.T. Club in the 'Tron] and we were all in awe. What amazed me was the metallic look box it came in.
Here I am, around 30 years later sipping on the Strathisla brother of that drop.

I must add that I have a limited sense of smell and therefore my tasting ability is impaired, yet still strangely accurate at times. In this case, I suspect not, but here we go.

I found it to be smokey, tasty, initially spicy with a gradually sweetening aftertaste, ending in an aromatically uplifting effect [affect?] on my palate... does that make sense?

Now let's see what the distillery itself says about it's product:

Nose: Rich and fruity, with a complex array of hay-like aromas balanced with a dry oakiness
Taste: Full, fruity and hay-like flavours, with a mellow nutty sweetness
Finish: Rich and mellow

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  1. Can't say I've tried this one, love the description you gave, followed by theirs...(though they obviously like the Hay-effect, me too I suppose, I married one afterall). My Dad used to drink brandy + dry, my mum Ouzo + lemonade, I never saw a whiskey until many years on and only aquired a taste through a number of good nights in tramping huts! That peaty whiskey and campfire smoke a delicious blend when also accompanied with fine conversation and obligatory game of 500!